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Building POCO to use with BBNDK

On the GitHub page of OpenFramework project there is a guide that shows how to build POCO C++ libraries for Blackberry 10 and Playbook on your Linux or Mac OS box.

These steps are:

  1. Download and install the BlackBerry Native SDK for your platform from the Cascade or Native downloads page.

  2. Download a stable release from the project downloads page. Basic Edition is enough because crypto, mysql, odbc, openssl support will be ommited during the build process. For now, the latest release is 1.4.4.

  3. Extract the downloaded archive file.

  4. Create directories for one or several of the available building targets for which you need to compile the library: BB10 simulator, BB10 target, Playbook simulator, Playbook target.

  5. Download the appropriate configuration profile(s) BB10 simulator, BB10 target, Playbook simulator, Playbook target and store it (them) to the "Unpacked POCO root"\build\config directory.

  6. Download syslog.h and copy it to "SDK root"\target\qnx6\usr\include directory.

  7. Build library for the chosen configuration profile and then add it to your project.

Load the environment variables for the console session:

source "SDK root"/bbndk-env.sh

Configuring build:

cd "Unpacked POCO root"
./configure --config="Profile file name" --omit=NetSSL_OpenSSL,Crypto,Data/ODBC,Data/MySQL --no-tests --no-samples --static --prefix="Profile result directory"

Compiling and installing result of the build in the "Profile result directory":

make -s
make install