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Java: inlining primitive types and Strings

At this moment, almost all IDEs and build systems can and actively use an increment build, i.e. recompile only changed files; so one time you could face the following issue: you change value of a constant in a one class, but get original value when use it in the ...

Marmalade SDK and a non-admin user in Win8

If you installed and configured for together work Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition and Marmalade SDK under Windows 8 and then try to run a "Hello World" Marmalade example project by using Windows account without administrative rights, you can find in the console window the following error message "Visual Studio ...

Cascades for Blackberry 10. Theme based asset selector

Upcoming Blackberry 10 release will have full theme support. According to the API Documentation there are Brigth and Dark themes:

The default theme is Bright. To change the application theme to Dark specify the following configuration value in the application`s bar-descriptor.xml file:

<env var="CASCADES_THEME" value="dark"/>

or ...

Building POCO to use with BBNDK

On the GitHub page of OpenFramework project there is a guide that shows how to build POCO C++ libraries for Blackberry 10 and Playbook on your Linux or Mac OS box.

These steps are:

  1. Download and install the BlackBerry Native SDK for your platform from the Cascade or Native downloads ...